How to make a shit sandwich!

Hi Guys!

So I went to my CBT today and we talked about so many things, one of them was how to approach someone about a subject that might provoke a crap reaction. I have something I want to approach my ex about and I always end up sounding like a bitch, when I try and raise concerns around our kids. So my therapist showed me a way I could problem solve to decide on how to approach my ex with my concerns… She then told me about making a ‘shit sandwich’, which was basically trying to make a subject less shitty, by putting two pieces of bread either side so its easier to swallow. So my bread would be a nice comment or being appreciative of something, then add the shit as smoothly as possible, followed by another nicety.

I’ve had anxiety about approaching my ex about certain subjects because I always turn into the bad guy, even though I’m only doing it for the sake of my kids. So I am going to try this shit sandwich approach and see what happens, I just have to try and deliver what I need to say in a less bitchy way! Ha Ha

Talk later x